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Surface Feeders for Metallurgical Wire

Minteq International Inc. supplies various configurations of surface feeders to support our metallurgical-wire business, manifesting our core strategy of providing customers with complete systems solutions. These proprietary feeders are produced with speed capabilities from 4 to 1000 feet per minute, and in two-wire, four-wire, and six-wire configurations.

The design excellence built into all MINTEQ® surface feeders delivers superior value to our customers as follows:

Engineered to withstand the harsh environment of steel making, thereby increasing machine availability PLC-controlled for reliability and ease of use (user-friendly), thus suiting operators in any steel-making environment, virtually maintenance-free.

MINTEQ's presence in the global steel community allows us to provide steel mill service personnel to supervise and maintain our application systems at virtually any location. This guarantees steel makers worldwide the quality, reliability, and consistency needed to compete in the ultra-competitive steel market.

Types of Feeders
  • 2-step feeder (picture)
  • 4-step feeder (picture)
  • 6-step feeder (picture)
  • Straightener (video)